Discover Your Power Colors! What Season Are You?

Back when I was a little girl my mom came home one day and tried to figure out all of our family’s seasons. Are you a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? It was all the rage at the time and it opened up a whole new world for me. Little did I know I wasn’t “supposed” to wear beige…ever!!! But once I figured it out, it made all the difference. Wearing the right colors for your skin tone, eye and hair color make you look radiant! Wearing the wrong colors make you look tired and well, sickly. Who wants to look sick?

So follow this little diagram and it’ll help you find out what season you are!

If you’re unsure as to whether you look better in navy blue and charcoal grey or honey beige and soft brown, then put something bright pink and bright orange up to your face. If you look better in the pink, it means you have cool undertones and you’re either a Summer or a Winter. If orange looks better on you, it means you have warm/golden undertones and you’re either a Spring or an Autumn.

Summer complexions have blue or pink (cool) undertones. (When you blush you go rosy, not peachy) Your skin is pale and pink. Most Summers are natural blondes or brunettes with light-colored eyes. Gwenyth Paltrow, Michele Pfeiffer and Jennifer Anniston are Summers. Your power colors are cool blues and soft neutral colors but stay away from black and orange! Blue-red yes, orange-red no. Wear silver instead of gold.

Summer - Gwenyth Paltrow, Michele Pfeiffer and Jennifer Aniston

Here are the colors that look best on you:

In addition to the above chart, these colors look great on you too: cadet blue, powder blue, sky blue, periwinkle, powder pink, deep rose, soft fuschia, watermelon, lavender mauve and rosy brown.

Winter complexions also have blue or pink (cool) undertones. Skin can be pale white, yellowish-olive or dark. Winters usually have naturally dark hair and dark eyes but they can also have light eyes. Many Asians and Africans fall into this category. Some famous Winters are Courtney Cox, Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria. Your power colors are black, pure white and jewel tones. Silver accessories look best.

Winter - Eva Longoria, Courtney Cox and Penelope Cruz

Here are the colors that look best on Winters:

In addition to these colors, you also look great in turquoise, Chinese blue, emerald-green, light true green, shocking pink, magenta, medium grey and charcoal grey.

Spring complexions have golden (warm) undertones and when you blush you usually turn more peachy than rosy. Most Springs have fair complexions and light-colored or strawberry-blond hair and blue or green eyes. Famous Springs include Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz. Your power colors are warm pastels, beige and camel. Gold accessories suit you best.

Spring - Scarlett Johansson, Cameran Diaz and Nicole Kidman

Here are the colors that look best on Springs:

Additional colors that look great on you are light warm beige, camel, light gold, bright yellow-green, apricot, peach, bright coral, bright warm pink, periwinkle blue, light blue, light warm acqua.

Autumn complexions are darker versions of Springs. They also have golden (warm) undertones and are usually redheads or brunettes with golden brown eyes. Autumns look great in dark warm colors such as chocolate-brown and pumpkin orange. Gold accessories over silver highlight your complexion. Famous Autumns include Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Marcia Cross.

Autumn - Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Marcia Cross

The colors that look best on Autumns are:

Additional colors that look great on you are camel, coffee, pumpkin, apricot, moss, grey-green, jade, dark periwinkle blue.

(The above charts are courtesy of and

Play my game: Decide what season these 4 celebrities belong to. Kate Hudson, Eva Mendez and Snow White and Reese Witherspoon. Leave your reply down below!

What seasons do Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Snow White and Reese Witherspoon belong to?

Find your season and your power colors. It’s time to look your best!


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9 Responses to Discover Your Power Colors! What Season Are You?

  1. Lisa Jones says:

    summer, fall, winter, spring???

  2. Juan Anthony says:

    This is a really good read for me. Must agree that you are one of the coolest blogger I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful information. This was just what I was on looking for. I’ll come back to this blog for sure!

  3. Dewey Klande says:

    Your article is the greatest I have seen for a long time!

  4. This article was simple to follow, easy to understand, yet ACCURATE!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON, GIRL!!!!! ❤ THANK YOU SO MUCH ! LOL

  5. Kat says:

    Summer, autumn, winter, spring….in order (pics). I think I’m a winter. I have dark brown hair, blue green eyes and fair skin. But I seem to have trouble deciding whether I look cool or warm because even though cool colours for the most part are best, I do well in some warms too, so long as the colours aren’t too earthy or muted.

  6. Kat says:

    I guess the first I spring and the fourth is summer, my bad. But the fourth has warmth to her hair so that’s what got me. Kate Hudson always looks so washed out and boring to me so I wouldnt think spring since spring is so vibrant 🙂

  7. Bobbette says:

    Tried to find where I could play and answer which Season each belonged to, but couldn’t. My answer would have been Spring, Autumn. Winter and Summer. Right??

  8. jana soon says:

    Yes you are right! Hope you enjoyed the article.

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